About Us

Let’s Introduce Ourselves

About us

Iconic Solution is a UK and Pakistan based Digital Solutions company, providing comprehensive digital services to several different industries and niches. With years of experience in the industry, we strive to help businesses improve their digital competence in the form of web solutions, apps, E-commerce and several marketing services. With the world becoming more interconnected than ever before, we understand the importance of having a strong digital platform. This is why we make sure our services are available to both large corporations as well as smaller start-ups.

Having worked in several different niches, we understand how digital solutions need to be tailored based on the market you are operating in. Utilizing our extensive experience, we do exactly this, providing each of our clients with excellent solutions that meet their corporate objectives and target their customer base. Using this targeted approach, we make sure that our clients always get the very best out of their investment.

Our Team

Our team of experts include web designers, app developers, professional marketers and customer support specialists. Each member of our team takes pride in our ability to provide our clients with a truly well-rounded service, ensuring each client is fully satisfied with the results we provide them throughout each project. We are able to quickly react to any sudden changes, as well as alter our marketing strategies, double downing on strategies which provide the best results whilst simultaneously editing strategies to improve effectiveness. Whether your business requires a small, three-month marketing project, you would like us to improve your website, or you would like a full-scale yearlong marketing campaign, you can rely on the Iconic Solution team to provide you with the best results.

Our Services

Throughout our years working in the digital solution market, we have continuously developed and innovated our services to provide our clients with the best results. Our dedication to continuous improvement has allowed us to become a leading provider of several services including web solutions, marketing, video production and event management, as well as PR as part of our Glamiconic Project. We also offer music production and backstage production as part of our joint brand with Session Chords. Through this brand we produce music, manage upcoming and popular artists and record labels.

Our web solution services include professional website development, app development and E-Commerce. Within website development, we offer several unique services including but not exclusive to web engineering, professional web design services, web content development, server scripting, network and security configuration. We can work on everything from a single page to updating an entire website as well as a whole new E-commerce website to kick start your new business or change your current site. Our app development covers all app requirements you need. We can build a comprehensive app from scratch, allowing your customers to enjoy your services without ever having to access your website directly. This allows you to increase your customer experience at an affordable rate.

Our Marketing services include:

  • 1. Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • 2. SEO
  • 3. Branding
  • 4. Content Creation
  • 5. Sale Promotion and Press Release
  • 6. Print/Electronic Media Advertising
  • 7. Media Buying and Planning
  • 8. Market Strategies

We tailor each of these services to your business requirements, ensuring that we work within your budget in order to meet the objectives of your marketing strategy. For more in-depth information about the services we have to offer, please check out our services page. Here you will find detailed descriptions of our services and how they can help your business.


At Iconic Solution, we aspire to assist our clients to maximize sales and ROI through our one-stop state-of-the-art web development, digital marketing & Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.


At Iconic Solution our mission is to increase profitability and online visibility of our client’s business by combining advanced technology, tested methodologies and personalized solutions; to deliver the projects with excellent quality within the stipulated timeframe thereby providing 100 % client’s satisfaction.